360 East Maple Road, Suite A
Troy, Michigan 48083

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      Interested in connecting with other enterprising members and utilizing large, open-concept workspace? If so, you need to experience HUBworX360. In addition to focused work desks, we offer cafes and couches; places to linger and lounge. Grab a fresh cup of coffee – our own smooth HUBworX360 blend, and head to the Book Cadillac Mezzanine, the DIA Café, or upstairs to the Detroit Bicycle Shoppe.

      In addition to open workspace, our beautifully designed co-working space can be your venue for a plethora of events – networking initiatives, company meetings, training seminars, presentations, and more.

      Schedule a tour with us today. Come see for yourself what sets us apart from the rest and why HUBworX360 is the perfect place for you.