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Welcome to HUBworX360, a modern and industrial workspace built upon the pillars of creativity, connection and collaboration. We want to empower our members with the tools they need to achieve success in their professional life - be it taking a project from concept to launch or simply finding your flow while working solo. Our goal is for each member that passes through our doors to find greater fulfillment in their work and an elevated sense of joy during their time spent here.

HUBworX360 was born out of Detroit’s rich history - we honor this legacy by designing our space after its architectural gems – creating an inspirational hub where professionals can cultivate meaningful relationships while growing self-worth, ambition and pride both inside and outside of the office walls. With community at its core, HUBworX360 redefines what it means to do business in today’s world. Our mission is “to inspire innovation & create meaningful connections within a vibrant community,"and our vision is "to build confidence & foster growth amongst tomorrow's entrepreneurs." Through these values, we hope you join us as we strive together for personal growth that reaches far beyond financial gain.

At HUBworX360, we believe that success is not defined simply by financial gain, but instead by your personal gratification. You must “love what you do,” and the first step is loving the space you’re in.

  • Event Space
  • Dedicated Desks
  • Private Office Spaces
  • Conference Room
  • Free Coffee & Tea
  • Collaborative Workspace
  • Printer Access
  • Private Phone Booth
  • Free Parking
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Join Us
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Find Your Spot
Whether you need dedicated desks or private offices, we provide the space you need.
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Work & Connect
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